Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask 150g


100% Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask 150g

These days Dead Sea mud is so readily available that you no longer need to go to a day spa, just to enjoy the many benefits of using this 100% natural product on your face or body right at home. Allow your skin to enjoy the many benefits of the combined minerals found in Dead Sea mud. Twenty minutes and your done, your skin will feel absolutely amazing and will be glowing.

What do you ask, is Dead Sea Mud?

The Dead Sea is in Jordan and Israel and has long been considered to have natural purification, medicinal and moisturizing properties. Hundreds of tourists visit the Dead Sea every year to swim in its waters. The clay (mud) from the Dead Sea contains many important minerals that nourish and replenish depleted minerals in the skin. The impact is a healthier skin that is firmer, smoother, silkier and younger. It has been long considered one of the best anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatments you can do for your face and body

Why is Dead Sea Mud so unique?

Dead Sea mud contains more than 26 minerals and has higher concentrations than mud in other volume of water in the world. The Dead Sea is not linked to any other body of water, meaning that as it evaporates each year, the many salts and minerals are deposited into the bottom of the sea. When this mud is applied to the skin, it is the similar to putting the necessary minerals, including potassium , magnesium, sodium, bromine and calcium, directly on the skin. It draws out toxins as the mud dries on the surface. This leaves the skin clean, moisturized and refreshed. It also firms and tightens the skin to make the skin look younger. The combination of moisturizing, cleaning and tightening make Dead Sea mud a wonderful addition to your skin care regimen

Benefits of the Dead Sea Mud:

  • Revitalizes and strengthens the skin at the cellular level , resulting in a much healthier and smoother appearance of the skin.
  • Eliminates dead cells and toxins
  • Stimulates the flow of blood to produce younger and healthier skin cells.
  • Strengthens the skin and prevents sagging and ageing.
  • Cleans and shrinks pores and prevents dirt from collecting and enlarging.
  • Opens and unclogs pores to prevent unwanted skin conditions, including acne;
  • Good for skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, skin rash, itchy skin
  • Detoxifying fat cells To lose inches Immediately (body wraps)
  • Arthritis, joint and muscle aches , headaches, strains? Only gently warm the mud and apply.
  • Removes and protects the skin from oily
  • Evens skin tone


100% Pure Dead Sea Mud (product of Israel, packaged in Australia) - 50g

How to use:

Before you apply a mud mask, wash your face to remove any excess oil and buildup so the mask can penetrate your pores. Then, spread a thick layer of the mud mask onto your face either using your fingers or a spatula, avoiding your eye and lip area. Once you've applied the mask, leave it on for 15 minutes or until the mud starts to dry out. Wash off with warm water then pat dry with a clean towel or wash cloth.

Read about the benefits of Dead Sea Mud in Marie Claire


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