As we use essential oils in most, if not all of our bath and body products, we feel it necessary and our duty of care as a retailer to provide you with the following advice.

Important Notice:

Before purchasing any of the products containing essential oils, it is important that you be aware of any personal allergies that you may have. If you have an allergy to any of the listed ingredients noted in the product description, please do not use. We do use nut-based oils and maintain a sterile workspace, but some contact may occur. Use caution with sensitive skin, if you don’t know how you’ll react with a particular ingredient try a patch test first.

Some essential oils are not suitable for women who are pregnant, so please consult with your doctor and check the products ingredients list prior to purchasing before using. If you are unsure of what oils are in a product, please do not hesitate in contacting us via this link.

Some oils to avoid while pregnant are

  • peppermint

  • aniseed

  • sage

  • basil

  • wormwood

  • rue

  • mugwort

  • oak mass

  • tarragon

  • birch

  • hyssop

  • camphor

  • parsley

  • pennyroyal

  • tansy

  • thuja

  • wintergreen

Keep out of reach of children and pets as many of the essential oils are not safe to use around them. None of the products are to be considered food, so please DO NOT ingest. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

Common Photosensitive Essential Oils

  • Angelica root Angelica archangelica 

  • Bergamot peel Citrus aurantium 

  • Bitter orange peel 

  • Cumin seed Cuminum cyminum 

  • Grapefruit peel 

  • Lemon peel 

  • Lime peel 

  • Mandarin leaf 

  • Rue leaf 

When using photosensitive oils on your skin, avoid direct sunlight or UV light exposure for a minimum of 12 hours or cover up by wearing full coverage clothing such as pants and sleeves